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Henshin! A Sentai RPG Deluxe Book

Help create a 120+ page deluxe print and ebook edition of Henshin! with new modules, resources, pre-made characters, and much more!

Transform and contend with weird monsters and personal dilemmas!

Henshin! is a storytelling tabletop game where a group of teens transforms into masked heroes! It is inspired by the Japanese sentai genre, filled with high-energy action sequences and fantastic special effects.


In Henshin!, players narrate episodes about a team of heroes with dual identities and awesome power. Most participants play a Color, a hero designated by archetypes as described in their playbook. One participant is the Narrator, describing the world and all other characters as needed, in addition to guiding each episode through a satisfying arc. You and your friends can play only one episode, or a series of episodes over time that are part of a season.

This game is a love letter to sentai, the pop culture medium of Japanese superheroes. In Japan, these tropes are central to long-running television programs like Super Sentai or Metal Hero, and you may be familiar with North American adaptations like Power Rangers. These live-action shows have teams of color-coded masked heroes using cool suits, weapons, and giant robots to defeat monsters in a display of special effects.

You don’t need to know anything about the sentai genre to start playing. To get a taste of how it all works, visit the Kickstarter campaign and listen to the actual play podcast!


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Tim is an educator and avid role-player who organizes games in Portland, OR. Tim is Blue because he is focused, points out the obvious, and can construct something dangerous.


Sam makes things happen, whether it's managing a website build or running a booth at a comics convention. Sam is Green: odd, wonderful and usually bringing people together with a wisecrack or two in the face of danger.


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For business inquires, please email us at caveofmonsters [at] gmail(dot)com.

For media inquires, download the Henshin! Basic Playset press release.

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Evan Palmer, who created artwork for the website, the basic playset and Gold & Silver Playbooks. Evan's work can be found at http://www.evanpalmercomics.com.

Emmett Helen, who created the artwork for the Monster Freak! Module. Their work can be found at www.emmett-helen.com.

Wook Jin Clark, who created the artwork for the Star Phase Module. Their work can be found on Instagram @wookjinclark and Twitter @wookjinclark.

Carolyn Nowak, who created the artwork for the Bug Camp Module. Their work can be on Twitter @CarolynNowak.

Matt Thogerson, who shot our actual play photos. His work can be found at www.badtactic.com and on Instragram @badtactic.

Our playtesters including Matt Levine, Stephanie Hocutt, Mark De Vera, Noah Jay-Bonn, Klint Finley, Leon Andersen, Arthur Lender, Matt Thogerson, Ben Jamin, Kyle Townsend, Ian Campbell, Will Coon, Tim Carroll, Kate Morris, Robin Tafoya, Amanda Arias, Joe Compton, Michael X Riojas, Chris Kindred and Sam Johns.